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How to remove an existing user?

Why would you need to remove an existing user?

In Europe and other countries there is a law that states that all users have a right to be forgotten. Meaning their private information should be deleted if no longer necessary.

There are two types of deletions in Identity Platform, soft deletes and force deletes.

Soft deletion

What is a soft delete?

A soft delete is a deletion type where the user's account will no longer be accessible, however the data will remain in the database. This action can be reversed if needed.

Who can soft delete?

All users with the permission to delete users can soft delete users.

How do you soft delete users?

In order to soft delete users. First, navigate to the Identity Platform and go to the section users. You will see an overview of all the users in your Unify integration, here can press the garabage bin on the right-hand side.

This will ask you for your confirmation, once confirmed the account will be have been soft deleted.

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How to undo a soft deletion

You can undo a soft deletion by filtering on soft deleted users and pressing the restore button.

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Force deletion

What is a force delete?

A force delete is a deletion where all data will be fully delete, this action cannot be reversed. This action should be handled with care.

Who can force delete

All users with the permission to force delete users can force delete users.

How do you force delete users?

Go to the detail page of a user who you wish to force delete. Then press the button with the garbage bin labeled force delete.


This will ask you for confimation, once confirmed the user will be fully deleted from the system.

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