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Under the hood of the Unify Identity Platform there are a lot of processes and modules working hard in the background, but the end-user won't be interrupted. With a few simple clicks a site or campaign, is set up. The platform will handle the rest. The web developers wonʼt be bothered with a lot of code and logic.We provide a script kit or composer package to kickstart their project.

Laravel Composer package

This easy-to-use package comes standard with Unify and can be downloaded from our repo: (with a license key).
With basic Laravel skill you can extend your project with the Unify Identity Platform. This package will be delivered and maintained by the Unify development team.


For all app and other integrations like .NET and Java, we have a rest API.


Gated content stillhas to be crawlable and indexable by any search engine.
Gated content must still be cached by Imperva CDN.

On top of the core we build a vast variety of solutions

They extend your digital power and enrich your processes.


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