Technical Implementation

SDK (Software Development Kit)

Our SDK is a great kickstart for your project. Select agencies can be trained so they can swiftly roll out their apps, websites, server to-server or platforms. Of course we do the gatekeeping, it's required for them to sign up through our screening process in order to get the correct credentials.

Extend your platform and work together with your local partners. Our SDK can be authorized with granular controls for your local partners and data can be interchanged.

It is possible for us to create modules for specific CMS and frameworks such as Wordpress or Drupal 9 where we can make variables available to be used within pages and templates to display certain information about the identity.

If it is just required for authentication it is also possible for certain platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal and such to install an external module "OAuth 2.0 Client" in order to authenticate that way without the need for using our SDK which enables more functionality than such a module.


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