Unify Roadmap

Unify Roadmap 2024 

Welcome to the Unify Roadmap! Here, you can explore our upcoming features and updates designed to enhance your experience with Unify. Stay informed about our latest developments, from implementing new branding, improving user preferences, advancing algorithms and transitioning services. Our timeline provides a clear view of what's ahead, ensuring you can plan and adapt alongside our innovations. 

We value your feedback and are open to ideas and suggestions to help us improve. Join us on this journey as we strive to deliver the best possible service. 

June (mid)
  • Rolling out Refactor V2 to production.
  • Implement Unify Veeva Consent V3, Veeva2Unify  
  • Implement Azure Authentication on the IDP admin panel (New)
  • Implement Advanced user filters with dates and attributes (New)
  • Rich dashboard widgets (New)
July (end)
  • Rolling out Profession Mapping V7
  • Launch new branding for IDP on acceptance
  • Advanced User Export (New)
August (beginning)
  • Roll out new branding for Unify Webshop
  • Improve User Preferences portal V4
  • Pentest / Security Audit (White Hat)
September (beginning)
  • Explore the one-page onboarding process
  • Disaster recovery
  • Roll out new branding for Unify Learning
September (end)
  • Roll out IQVIA algorithm V4
  • DevOps: Chained Environment released management (New)
Oktober (end)
  • Phase out Mailgun 





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